How to Accept Online Fundraising Donations Through Your Website

In our digital world, connecting with donors through online mediums is essential. If you wish to create a genuine buzz and interest regarding your cause or organization, then you must take to online fundraising campaigns. While there are several ways to gather fundraising donations online, the most successful are those that offer secure donation transactions directly through their organization website. Streamline the donation process by going with a trusted third-party payment processor.

PayPal for Donation Acceptance

The popular online payment merchant, PayPal, is used by businesses and individuals throughout the world to safely and securely transfer funds. While there are several ways to input payment portals into your website, PayPal offers nonprofit-specific donation acceptance designed to streamline the donation process.

With the nonprofit fundraising payment options by PayPal, you’re able to accept all major credit cards as well as funds directly from an adjacent PayPal account. This flexibility in donation options is ideal for any online fundraising campaign. If you’re a registered 501(c)(3) you can enjoy discounted pricing, which is substantially lower than fees experienced by a standard or business PayPal user.

Once you’ve been approved as a nonprofit organization, you’re given a special HTML code, which you simply input directly onto your website. Upon payment, fundraising donations are immediately delivered into your designated PayPal account.

CrowdFunding Payment Portal

In an attempt to broaden your visibility as well as create a secure payment portal, you may want to consider using one of the many CrowdFunding sites as a means of accepting fundraising donations. Although donors must go to actual website, you may create a link on your site that directs visitors to your CrowdFunding payment portal. One of the most significant benefits of using a CrowdFunding website as a payment portal is the automatic promotion your cause receives. These sites are divided into interests, therefore you can create a profile within a site specifically designed for your type of organization or cause. This attracts high-quality visitors to your website, which are more likely to donate.

Offline Payment Method

Although rare, there are some donors who would rather mail a check or money order rather than send their financial information floating throughout cyberspace. Satisfy these donors by providing a secure address, preferably a P.O. Box, where physical fundraising donations may be sent. If you go this route, make sure to receive their return address to send a receipt upon payment. Physical receipts are important as some donors use donations for tax deduction purposes.