How to Brand Your Unique Fundraising Ideas

If you’ve taken any time to research what it takes to create a successful online fundraising campaign, or to be successful in online marketing at all, then you’ve likely stumbled across the topic of “branding.” In terms of online presence, branding refers to the act of establishing your organization as not only an authority, but THE authority within your industry or niche. While the steps to brand your unique fundraising ideas may vary based upon your industry, there are several universal rules.

Tip #1 – Synchronize Logo and Color Scheme

Perhaps one of the most important steps in branding your unique fundraising ideas is to use a uniform logo and color scheme for all communications. This means using the same color scheme and logo for social media posts, newsletters, infographics, websites and in all donor communications. Uniformity is the most powerful element in branding.

Tip #2 – Consistent Message and Mission Statement

Creating and sticking to a consistent message and mission statement is among the most powerful ways to streamline all fundraising efforts and branding your cause. When you go forth with a consistent message then all efforts and communications align with the primary goal. This is essential when communicating with potential donors on a small and large scale. Before ever beginning a fundraiser, make sure your organization and the entire support staff align with your message. If those speaking on your behalf don’t understand what you stand for, then incorrect information may be delivered. Also, try to keep your fundraising products consistent with your message as well. The coffee fundraiser works well when you are raising money for the coffee’s country of origin, where as a wrapping paper fundraiser works when you are raising money to buy holiday gifts for families in need. Consider what is easiest to sell. For example, most of the world drinks a cup of coffee daily, so a coffee fundraiser is a unique fundraising idea that will get your participants motivated.

Tip #3 – Become an Authority

If you wish to attract donors who are dedicated to your cause or organization, then you must create a space where valuable information is collected. Creating a blog or content-rich website is essential to branding your organization. Think of ways that you can educate visitors on not only surface-level information, but abstract information as well. The goal is to provide visitors with valuable and unique information regarding your industry or cause. Doing so engages visitors and creates loyalty. The reason: you’re providing free and accurate information. Visitors will want to repay this act by giving donations to your cause.

Tip #4 – Create Social Media Hashtag Campaigns

In order to create a true brand, you must communicate with potential donors in their current language; social media. The most effective way to brand your campaign and organization through social media is to utilize hashtag campaigns. For example, #GiveChildrenBackpacks if your organization provides school supplies to poverty-stricken children. This not only promotes your organization, but also creates a buzz regarding your unique fundraising ideas. Both are essential when branding your cause.